Demystifying the Research and Development Tax Credit

Have you heard of the Research and Development (R&D) Tax Credit? The Credit for Increasing Research Activities was originally enacted by Congress in 1981 to incentivize research and development in key industries in the United States. Through the PATH Act of 2015, this general business credit became permanent.

The R&D credit rewards taxpayers, big or small, who engage in qualified research activities to take a deduction based on a percentage of eligible expenses. In order to qualify, the business activities must pass a four-part test.

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Not Your Typical Internship!

My name is Haley Lehr. Coming into my internship at PriceKubecka, I honestly had no idea what to expect. I knew, however, from the moment I met Jen and Brian at the SMU Career Fair that I liked this firm. I felt that the biggest difference between PK and other firms is the genuine enthusiasm and passion for the business. They stood out to me in the best way and when I got my internship offer, I was so excited.

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First Impressions

My name is Scott Smart. I am currently an undergrad at The University of North Texas. My first impression of PriceKubecka (PK) came from a college job fair we had back in February. I had never heard of PriceKubecka before and when I came across the PK booth, it was a breath of fresh air. I was in the self-promotional mood, but everyone wanted to get to know me. We talked and laughed the entire time. I could tell instantly this would be a fun company to work for. PK is somewhere I can be myself and not just a robot in front of a computer.

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The First Days on the Job

There are few feelings as satisfying and fulfilling as looking forward to waking up for your job every morning. Most people are not lucky enough to have such a feeling or be able to look at every workday as an obstacle to overcome rather than an integral part of life to develop, but most people don’t work at PriceKubecka (PK). Many people who work in an office associate the work with monotony, days that seem to stretch out for weeks. The idea of working in such a stale professional environment is disheartening at best.

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Through The Eyes of an Intern

My first impression of PriceKubecka was that my coworkers were not your typical accountants. There is a high level of genuine enthusiasm when you meet Brian Price, the firm’s cofounder. This energy is present throughout the office and helps create a supportive learning environment for any level of staff. 

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