First Impressions

Scott Smart – UNT – Tax Intern

My name is Scott Smart. I am currently an undergrad at The University of North Texas. My first impression of PriceKubecka (PK) came from a college job fair we had back in February. I had never heard of PriceKubecka before and when I came across the PK booth, it was a breath of fresh air. I was in the self-promotional mood, but everyone wanted to get to know me. We talked and laughed the entire time. I could tell instantly this would be a fun company to work for. PK is somewhere I can be myself and not just a robot in front of a computer. When I was offered a position here at PK for the summer I was so excited for the experience and knowledge I would gain. 

I have learned more from the PriceKubecka Summer Tax Internship than my college classes each semester. This internship has provided me with the hands-on experience I was looking for that just isn’t available in the classroom. With only one tax class under my belt as an undergrad, I felt like a little fish being thrown into the ocean for the first time. PriceKubecka and the awesome staff made the transfer a little easier, because they’ve been in the exact same shoes as mine. Everyone here genuinely wants this company to succeed and grow. During Monday morning meetings, everyone gets together and we talk about the upcoming agenda and goals to meet as a firm. It’s a different and better atmosphere than taking an internship anywhere else. Even as an intern, I feel as I am part of the PK family. We work hard and we play hard. I have just as much fun with Brian and Jason as I do with the other interns. That has really stood out to me about this experience. During initial training, I was like a sponge, soaking up all I could about the process of completing a tax return. I did feel a little overwhelmed and still do occasionally, but with the help from everyone here I’m learning how to do it properly. I was able to learn how to complete a tax return for individuals, partnerships and corporations from beginning to end. I have learned how financial statements flow into a tax return and why the first steps of balancing the books initially will make a return go smoothly. I feel comfortable with everyone here. I’m happy to be here and glad I chose a great company to do my first internship with. In the next couple of months, I will continue to grow and apply the knowledge I’ve gained to future positions elsewhere.