We deliver progressive accounting solutions

PriceKubecka understands our clients’ entrepreneurial mindset, which allows us to provide invaluable insight into solving their tax, audit and accounting problems. We deliver industry-leading expertise in a number of verticals, including construction, oil and gas, and manufacturing. We find where we can add value for our clients and execute. We offer accounting services how they are supposed to be done – by going beyond the minimum. 


Your business is unique; your tax strategy should be too, because the decisions you make today will ultimately have tax consequences tomorrow. We treat tax planning as a year-round process that involves constant evaluation and recommendations — eliminating last-minute surprises.

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PriceKubecka approaches audits as a service for the benefit of stakeholders, including lenders and investors. Our audits help you run your business better for both verification and continuous improvement. We offer quality assurance services that add credibility to our clients’ financial statements and meet the business and regulatory obligations under which they function.

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PriceKubecka is always by your side. Working at your location helps us analyze your current business and accounting processes, recommend improvements that are specific to your long-term goals, and work with your staff to ensure that your accounting needs are being met regularly.

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Advisory Services

Our professional CPA’s work on-site to learn about your business and accounting procedures from within to bring value to your bottom line. Working at your location gives us the insight to analyze your current processes and make recommendations that are specific to your long-term goals. 

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Business Valuation

There are few things more important to business owners than knowing the value of their business.  Whether you are looking to sell your business, considering a merger, or are working to resolve disputes associated with shareholder equity, estate planning, or divorce, an accurate valuation is essential.

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