Conduct your business with confidence and assurance

We understand that time is your most valuable commodity, so we know the importance of timely and accurate financial reporting to properly manage your professional firm.

Hands-on experience has been a hallmark at PriceKubecka for over 20 years. By working smarter, understanding more and truly being able to put ourselves in your place, we can provide strategic services that better position your company in the marketplace.

Our services include:

  • Operations performance reviews to streamline your processes and tighten your control of billable hours and payables; increasing the value of your time
  • Benchmarking against similar firms and the development of best-practices
  • Proactive advice on industry trends and rulings that affect your ability to meet and maintain your margins
  • Defined structures to develop new business
  • Employee compensation programs to align the goals of your star employees with those of the firm
  • Merger and acquisition guidance, due diligence and valuations